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Chapter Officers

Riley Brennan


Hi! My name is Riley Brennan. I’m from Massachusetts, and I am studying Marketing and Event Planning. As President, I act as the liaison between the university, outside organizations, alumni, and our chapter. Throughout my term, I lead weekly chapter and executive board meetings, allowing me to connect with the entire chapter, create relationships, and oversee all vice presidents and directors. Having the opportunity to give back to Kappa is something I am extremely passionate about. Kappa has given me immense support, growth, and genuine friendships. I am proud to lead such a hardworking and passionate Chapter!!

Shayne Gandy

Vice President Membership

Hi!!! My name is Shayne Gandy and I am from South Elgin, Illinois a suburb of Chicago! Serving as this years Vice President of Membership, my role is to plan and execute all aspects Recruitment for Kappa! Working closely with Panhellenic and my two Directors to recruit the newest 2024 member classes. I have the privilege of preparing the Epsilon Lambda chapter for the Recruitment Process and have the greatest opportunity to share everything that I love about Kappa! I cannot wait to continue growing our sisterhood with intention and meet the incoming potential new members of the Greek community!!!

Devon Skiles

Vice President External Affairs

Hi! My name is Devon Skiles and I’m from Conshohocken Pennsylvania! As Vice President of External Affairs my main role is to help manage and be a support system for the women within my department. My department consists of Philanthropy, Panhellenic, Risk Prevention, Event, and Public Relations directors. My main goal is to facilitate teamwork and communication so our department can achieve the goals set for our chapter! I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to serve the chapter that has given so much to me!

Keira Mcintyre

Vice President Internal Affairs

Hi everyone! My name is Keira Mcintyre and I am from Marietta, Georgia! As Vice President Internal Affairs, my job is to provide extra resources and aid for our Academics, Membership Engagement, and Ritual and History Directors. I help to maintain communication between our various internally focused directors and our President. This includes many different areas, such as helping brainstorm new sisterhood events or preparing for academic weeks. I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful chapter and continue to watch it thrive!

Emerson Kidd

Vice President Finance

My name is emerson Kidd-Benthall, I’m from maryville Tennessee, and I am the Vice President of Finance. Within my position, I manage all of the chapters finances and dues of the chapter. In addition, I work with leadership team to create budgets for each member of LT!

Madelyn Walsh

Vice President Standards

Hello! My name is Madelyn Walsh. I am a junior from Ashburn, Virginia. My role as Vice President Standards includes advocating for all member’s well being, as well as holding members accountable according to Kappa bylaws and our chapters values!

Melina Alexander

Vice President Member Development

Hi!! My name is Melina Alexander and I am from Henderson, Tennessee! As the Vice President of Member Development, I help guide the Member Development Department in achieving the purpose of our content areas. These areas include: all-member experience, DEI, new member experience, and senior member experience. I am so excited to pursue my position and further the success of this Chapter!

Yasmin Chakham

Vice President Operations

Hi, I am Yasmin! I am from Upper Saddle River NJ and will be serving as this year’s Vice President of Operations. I oversee the organization of the chapter. This includes coordinating officer committees, creating and maintaining the monthly calendar, and coordinating chapter composite photos. I also oversee officer development, including training and transitions. I am so excited for all that’s to come from serving in this position!

Taylor Danciger

Public Relations Director

Hi! My name is Taylor Danciger and i'm from Tampa, Florida. I am an Advertising major, double minoring in Business and Graphic Design. As Epsilon Lambda’s Public Relations Director, I am responsible for promoting and maintaining good public relations among our chapter. I manage all of our social media platforms and work closely with Chapter Council members to ensure relevant and timely content is shared for our sisterhood, philanthropy, and alumni events. Along with this, I educate our members about the social media guidelines and hold our chapter accountable. I am beyond excited to serve as the PR Director for the Epsilon Lambda chapter!!

Anelise Rentuza

Primary Recruitment Director

My name is Anelise Rentuza, and I am from Nashville! This year I get to serve as Epsilon Lambda’s Director of Primary Recruitment, which means I’ll be working with Shayne, our VP of Membership, to plan and prepare our chapter for Primary Recruitment in the fall. I’m beyond excited to meet all the PNMs and to help shape the future of our chapter.

Mya Mustafa

Philanthropy Director

Hi!! My name is Mya Mustafa and I am a Speech Pathology major with a minor in Child and Family Studies from Chicago, Illinois. My role as the Philanthropy Director is to plan, organize, and execute fundraising events to benefit our local and national philanthropies. I also oversee our chapters volunteer work and I look forward to building on our love for giving back to the community. I am honored to serve our chapter in this position and I am very excited to see what we accomplish as a chapter this year for our community and philanthropies!

Cat Mills

New Member Experience Director

Hi! I’m Cat Mills and I’m from Potomac Falls, Virginia! I’m currently serving as the new member experience director for Kappa. Through this role, I have the pleasure of guiding our new members through the period from bid day to initiation! My goal is to help our new members understand Kappa’s values & expectations, navigate their first semester in a sorority, and create long-lasting friendships! Can’t wait to meet you MC ‘24!!

Megan Sullivan

Events Director

Hi! My name is Megan Sullivan and I’m from Tinley Park, IL (45 minutes from Chicago)! I am currently the Events Director for Kappa Kappa Gamma Epsilon Lambda! An overview of what I do is I set up events for the chapter and with other chapters at UTK such as formal, date parties, mixers, and other fun events! As well as communicate with venues and the university of details of the events!

Quincy Combs

Risk Prevention Director

My name is Quincy Combs and I’m a junior from Tampa, Florida. As Risk Prevention Director, I am responsible for coordinating the social events, risk management education, and the enforcement of the University and National policies of Kappa Kappa Gamma. I am honored to serve in this position for the Epsilon Lambda Chapter!

Molly Brown

Academic Excellence Director

Hi! My name is Molly Brown and I am from Princeton, New Jersey. At Tennessee, I am a Business Analytics Major with a Concentration in Marketing. I am so excited to serve as the Academic Excellence Director for Epsilon Lambda this year!! Through my position, I work to uphold Kappa's strong academic standards by keeping our members on track academically and working towards career success in the future. I work closely with our members to promote the importance of a proper work-life balance, particularly the prioritization of mental health in college.

Brenna Reed

Panhellenic Delagate

Hello! I’m Brenna Reed and I’m from Lancaster, Ohio. I am excited and honored to be Kappa’s Panhellenic Delegate. I serve as a liaison between Kappa, other chapters, and Panhellenic as a whole. I also represent Kappa at Panhellenic Council Meetings. I can’t wait for all of the amazing experiences I will have with this role!

Grayson Bryant

Member Engagement Director

Hi, my name is Grayson Bryant and i'm from Adams, Tennessee. My position as Member Engagement Director entails planning sisterhood events to promote bonding with our sisters and foster a respectful and supportive sisterhood. I am looking forward to a year full of building strong connections between the women of Epsilon Lambda!

Aisling Barrett

COB Director

Hi! My name is Aisling Barrett and I’m from Naperville, IL. As the Director of Continuous Open Bidding, I am responsible for informal recruitment and work with the VP of Membership to plan events for PNMs. I get the opportunity to meet all of the incoming Potential New Members and work with active members to grow our sisterhood!

Macy Munson

Ritual and History Director

Hi! My name is Macy Munson and I am from Southern California. I will be serving as the Ritual and History Director for Epsilon Lambda this upcoming term! In this role, I am going to be leading initiations, rituals, and preserving Kappa’s tradition. I cannot wait to serve Epsilon Lambda and promote what Kappa Kappa Gamma stands for!

Gabriella Condon

Administration Director

Hi! My name is Gabriella Condon and I am from Austin, Texas. As Administration Director, I work to manage chapter attendance, take chapter meeting minutes, maintain an accurate roster, and manage internal chapter communication and logistics.

Megan Cline

All-Member Experience Director

Hi! My name is Megan Cline and I am from Chattanooga, Tennessee. As All Member Experience Director, it is my responsibility to encourage strong friendships between each member class. It is also my job to give education seminars to promote learning about ourselves and each other! These seminars include topics such as learning about healthy habits and different ways to improve overall well-being.

Quinn Bigelow

DEI Director

Hi! My name is Quinn Bigelow and I am from Huntsville, Alabama. My job as DEI director is to make sure my chapter is experiencing diversity in their everyday lives and staying educated on how to be the most respectful versions of ourselves!

Karli Reed

Senior Member Experience Director

Hi! My name is Karli Reed, and I’m a junior from Fort Worth, Texas. My position on EL Leadership is Senior Experience Director where I work to make sure our seniors have a memorable last year of membership in Kappa and a smooth transition into Kappa alumna status!

Kenna Mullins

Facilities Director

Hi! My name is Kenna Mullins and I’m from Oxford, PA. As facilities director, I work directly with the Kappa house board to manage our beautiful house in sorority village, which houses 30 of our members and a house-mom. I also organize our monthly formal meals and fun activities at the house.